Parasailing In Hawaii

First things first, parasailing is the combination of hang-gliding and waterskiing and is perfectly ideal for those who want the thrill of their lives.

Parasailing works like this, you are strapped in a comfortable harness, this harness is then attached to a tether.  You – and your friend, if you want to bring a friend along – let yourself be pulled rapidly behind a hi-tech speedboat.  The instance your own parasail is caught by the wind, you will then magically rise towards the heavens.

Sky’s the Limit

Once this tether reels itself from the speedboat, you will then further rise up in the sky.  Prepare yourself as you begin to see a literal bird’s eye view of the beach and the ocean.  The fact of the matter is that parasailing is safe and is a readily available activity in Hawaii.

Hawaii is the Best in Parasailing

Believe it or not, Hawaii has been offering parasailing for more than twenty years now.  Their parasailing equipment is also completely hi-tech.

The coast guards of Hawaii, specifically of UFO Parasail, are fully certified and trained for parasailing making your parasailing ride a positively memorable activity, whether you are a virgin parasailer or an experienced one.

Parasail in Hawaii now

The first step is to ensure that there are assistants on the ground which check the harness and flight rig of your parasailor prior to taking off.  Once these ground assistants hold their positions on the sail’s opposite sides, the driver of the boat is signaled to go.

Tell the driver to start slow while the assistants hold the lines and aid the parasail to be filled with air.  By this time, a parasailor will be taking long strides while the rope is taut.  The canopy is to aid in the process of liftoff.

The parasail is to be steered by pulling the risers down on the direction desired.  Although steering isn’t necessary. Try to direct the boat which will do the pick up to go behind and trail the parasailor at least two hundred feet.

The safety pin is then released in order to make the parasailor gently float to the water at a low or high altitude.

All in all, parasailing is an activity that needs the unique skill of being able to let go and just let the wind take you where it will.  It is more fun that way and a lot more memorable.