Scuba Diving In The Carribean

The Caribbean islands is popular to scuba divers because its beaches are the finest destinations of this marine sport. The islands stretch of reef and are teemed with tropical fish. The walls drop from six to 6000 meters.

There are also caves and wrecks to explore, unleashing the adventurer in every scuba diver. Pinnacles, fumaroles, volcanic gases, sharks, dolphins – the list goes on an on.

In connection to this, tons of dive shops are situated in almost all of the islands so it is very easy to plan diving activities in the vicinity.

If you aren’t an experienced or licensed diver, you are only allowed to dive with trainers. As for those who have AOW cards, they can explore the open water dives in the Caribbean islands.

Popular Caribbean Islands for Scuba Diving:

1. Anguilla

One of the Caribbean’s top destinations at the moment because of its astonishing beaches. It also has a slew of top-notch restaurants, luxurious and accommodating hotels and superb villas. It may be expensive because of its exclusivity but if you can afford it, why not?

2. Antigua

With its grandiose bays in between peninsulas, the 108 square miles mast of land rolls on a limestone base that is covered by reefs. It even has a little forest. It’s not only popular for scuba diving, it is also the perfect location for sailing. It is home to the Antigua Race week, a famous sailing regatta.

3. Barbados

With exclusive possibilities, Barbados is often visited by countless tourists from all parts of the globe. The developed islands and hospitable islanders, plus the fact that it is accessible from the States, Canada and Europe are additional perks to its marvelous beaches, accommodating hotels and grandiose villas and restaurants.
If is your first time to go to the Caribbean, Barbados is the best island to check out.

4. Cayman Islands

Consisting of the three islands in West Caribbean, south of Cuba and West Jamaica, Grand Cayman is charming to tourists because of its accommodating islanders. The main beach is eye-catching and relaxing. It has an American feel. Scuba divers can choose to stay in various hotels, inns, apartments or condominium.

5. Grenada

Spinning around Grand Etang, which is the mountain center of the island, Grenada has extraordinary scenery composed of finger coves. Its white sand beaches are perfect for scuba diving and sailing. It may not be as developed as a tourist destination but the real appeal of Grenada is that its safely tucked away from most people, thereby making it exclusive to scuba divers who venture here.